Blogging And People

Blogging offers such a differing qualities of request. Specialists, proficient scholars, commentators, organizations, even those written work a “journal” online can encounter a considerable measure of delight as a blogger.


Sites that go about as blogging stages, for example, WordPress, blogger, and endless others, have made the procedure so basic that truly anyone with a web association can turn into a blogger overnight.


The abnormal thing however is I would figure that there are a huge number of individuals out there who might want to blog, who might get extraordinary advantage out of blogging, yet they don’t have the ability to do it. On the other hand rather, they think they don’t know how.


I think many individuals still see the intricacies of the Internet as a puzzle. Despite the fact that the normal individual realizes that the normal online journal webpage is straightforward and simple to run, they accept it is not for them. There must be SOME information required. Indeed, there is a bit, yet that information is found out effortlessly enough “at work”.


I didn’t generally know how to compose until I began, the same is valid for blogging.


You can simply investigate how regularly individuals upgrade Facebook Statuses, send long messages to companions, the amount of time they spend stuck to their PC or advanced cell and you will see that the masses of websites officially out there online are just a little part of what could be accomplished.


Individuals affection collaborating, and they adore drawing in, however I think all things considered, regardless of the possibility that they can get over the apparent absence of information, the vast majority like to watch, watch, and tune in, than stand up and be the voice.


That is basically what blogging is. Being the voice. It needn’t be politically, racially, or socially persuaded, however in any case, when you put your words out there and hit the distribute catch, you are being a voice.


Regardless of the possibility that five exhausted relatives are the main ones who read it, you are still a voice. Numerous individuals can’t deal with that sort of introduction and would stress an excess of what individuals consider them.


I think there is a trepidation too that no one would read it. The individuals who need to blog for budgetary purposes may simply ahead and get themselves taught in how to get your online journal seen, yet the normal nourishment commentator, specialist or comparative doesn’t have room schedule-wise or tolerance to discover that, and presumes that if no one is going to peruse their web journal, then what’s the point?


It is a disgrace that something which is so principal in our lives, which will be around for a large number of years (until supplanted by something better), and something that join individuals all over, discovers answers and offers data more than ever on the planet, and by and large drives everything and everyone, is still so minimal comprehended by the regular person.


Blogging may just speak to one little part of the Internet, however envision if everyone on the planet had their own particular website? Presently wouldn’t THAT be an intriguing read.

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Making Video Game Sites

  • Type
  • Research
  • Know Your Stuff
  • Name
  • When to Make a Gaming Site
  • Content
  • Design
  • Content Management System
  • Advertising
  • Revenue
  • Press Contacts
  • Keeping Up with the News
  • Getting Staff
  • Gimmicks

Type / Research. There are 5 different types of gaming sites.

  • Multi-Console : Covers all aspects of gaming. Eg – PS2, Xbox, GameCube etc
  • Single-Console : Covers just one console. Eg – Nintendo Wii
  • Single-Company : Covers everything to do with one company. Eg – Nintendo
  • Single-Series : Covers whole series of games. Eg – Legend of Zelda
  • Single-Game : Covers just One (1) Game. Eg – Metroid Prime 2

It is simply personal preference to what type of site you want, they can all perform equally, though there is the possibility of a wider audience for multi-console sites, but some may argue that your audience will be less wide due to the fact that it is a saturated market.

Research. Use a tool like this one from to see what people are searching for – this is more useful in the smaller gaming sites (Single company, series, game) as you will need to target a lot smaller audience. Also, check out what related-sites are doing, if you’re the first site in the field try to make it as original as possible – check out the Gimmicks section for more help with this.

Know Your Stuff. To make a good gaming site you need to be a good and active gamer. You need to be ‘in the know’ – know the lingo, the companies, the games, and what’s happening in general in the gaming world, if you know stuff you can give educated opinions, or thoughts.

Name. Of course, it’s best for search engines to include keywords in your sites name, but since the market is so saturated, a brandable & memorable name is what you should go for, so instead of, you would use MP3Gaming, MP3Gamers, or more simply MPGamers, of course you can buy the variations and see which is most effective.

When to Make a Gaming Site. There are points in the year that are prime times to open a gaming site, which will give you a better launch, and a boost of visitors.

  • Gaming Conventions: More specifically, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), this is when I’ve opened my gaming sites and it definitely helps. A lot of people will be looking for all the E3 goss and media, so if you have it, you will get plenty of visitors.
  • Christmas: Everyone wants games at Christmas, so give them games! Christmas holidays are always the most profitable/trafficked months for gaming sites.

Content. Content really depends on what you want to offer. You want to be a news site, an editorial site, review site, cheat site, or a bit of everything. Of course it’s best to open with as much content as possible, but if you’re doing a bit of everything, then try to have at least 5-10 reviews/articles, so your site looks slightly established, and people can decide if your site is worth visiting again.

Design. Gaming designs are usually bold, flashy, shiny, and high-tech, and it seems to be working, so try to get the most in-your-face design you can, whilst still fitting a wide variety of content on each page.

Content Management Systems. Take a look at these very cool Content Management Systems, unless you want to go custom.

OneCMS from Insane Visions is a little hard to get used to, but is probably my personal favorite, but if you have the money check out VG Portal or CustomCMS.

Advertising. Here is how I advertise new gaming sites:

  • Related Forums
  • Top Site Lists
  • Link Exchanges with Similar Sites

Revenue. CPM methods, once you receive some traffic would be the best bet, so sign up for a program like Valueclick Media who have decent rates, and you can start earning some cash on the side. CPC ads pay very low on video game sites, so stay away from them. Better idea to keep your visitors on your site. Press Contacts. The wonderful thing is, once your gaming site has traffic/user base you can get some press contacts. Most game publishers will have a person dedicated to Public Relations, so register at to get a long list of these people & companies. Don’t go for the big fish at first, contact companies such as THQ, Vivendi, or Ubisoft, as they are known for supporting the newer sites. Now, if they have a press site, easy, just go their and register, if they don’t get their PR email and type something like this:


I am the owner of SITENAME, which provides its users with high quality and informative……….

We are requesting to be added to your press release list so we can further increase our news broadcasts. SITENAME receives X amount of unique visitors daily, and has been open for the past X days/weeks/months.

Thank you,






If you get accepted to their Press Release list, wait a few months, post their news, and then you can request Free Reviewable Copies of Games. You may not even need to ask, a lot of companies just send them out after X amount of days.

Keeping up with the News. Forums are the best source for news & rumors, big ones have thousands of people continually scouring the net for information, and when they find it, they post it, then you can simply post it on your site, simple! So check out:

If you check out their forums regularly you should be kept up to date with the latest news.

Getting Staff. Finding staff to work for free is usually hard, but if you can grow a decent sized gaming forum, there should be at least 2-3 people who would be glad to post some news or review a few games. The best way to get staff is, once you start receiving free games agree to send a few to your staff for them to review, and then send back, a lot of people will gladly review a game if they are one of the first to play it. Getting staff mainly takes a lot of patience, if your site grows, so will the number of people who’ll want to work for it.

Gimmicks. Here are the gimmicks I usually use to get extra visitors:

  • Userbars: People love userbars, and use them on many forums, so if you make some, then use basic html to make them a link, you will get extra visitors/exposure. Just in case the user removes the linking part, add your URL into the actual images. [ Check out to see examples of userbars. ]
  • Flash Games: Have gaming-related flash games on your site, your visitors will surely love to play remakes of some of their favorite games.
  • Wallpapers: A section for wallpapers never hurts, some people may even submit their own, so it’s good for community involvement.

G4 – Video Games and More on Satellite TV

If you’re into high tech gadgetry, web culture and video games, this satellite TV channel is for you. It’s like the NFL Sunday Ticket but for tech geeks. Available to over 62 million households in the US, G4 stands for Games, Gear, Gadgets and Gigabytes. The original concept was TechTV for the MTV crowd; since then, the channel has emerged as a leader in technology-geared programming. The channel does cater to a mostly male audience, but girl techies will find something in there for them as well. Check your local satellite TV listings for show times.

X-Play: Hosted by Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler, X-Play is a show dedicated to video games. But it’s not just your regular geek out shows with in house play sessions and critical reviews. It also features delightfully enthusiastic comedy skits. The action takes place in a rumpus room, where the hosts lounge around and discuss their latest reviews and debate over aspects of the game at hand. The show doles out strategies and cheats as well with Kristin Davis twice a week. Although X-Play has gone through several transformations-changes of name, different hosts, different parent companies, new sets, etc-it still plays to the heart of video game enthusiasts everywhere.

Attack of the Show: What happens when shows attack? Attack of the show actually showcases the best and latest of media. Hosts Kevin and Olivia are your friends in arms, giving you the low down on the greatest DVD’s, the newest news, the hottest comics, the web 2.0-est web tools, the hippest gadgets, and much more. Attack is a mix of review, parody, news and previews. You’ll get HD previews of the latest digital media. You’ll find out about the day’s news stories and you can chat with the hosts themselves.

Lost in 2.0: This is basically HD reruns of the popular show Lost; however, you do get more in Lost 2.0. The show is aired featuring on screen facts and creator commentaries. Give the shows complexity, this is a must see for any Lost fan.

Code Monkeys: Do you code? If so, then this is the show for you. It’s an animated series, which follows the adventures of GameaVision a fictional video game company in the early 1980s. The show is presented as if it were an 8-bit video game (old school, not HD), so each episode starts with the screen flashing ‘player 1 start’. Several famous game developers have made cameos on the show.

Ninja Warrior: This is actually a Japanese sports entertainment show, which features 100 competitors trying to get through an obstacle course. Each special lasts three hours. The obstacle course includes rope climbing, slides, cliff hanging, flying chutes, spider walks and other such diversions.

The Chaser’s war on Everything: This is a show about war. Actually, it’s an Australian comedy troupe, which performs stunts and interviews with celebrities and politicians. The cast is known for its confrontational style and its over the top hijinks which have landed some of them in the slammer.

World of Warcraft Power Leveling Guides – Team IDemise, Brian Kopp’s, Joana’s, Reviewed

How much do you value your time?

As a World of Warcraft Player for over three years now. I’ve come to realize that the game is so vast that it is pretty much impossible to keep all the information inside your head at one time, especially if you are leveling a new character from 1- 70 and haven’t played in a while, or are new. Right now, with the coming release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and the popularity of the new tournament system, a lot of new players (and veterans) are returning to World of Warcraft for another trip through Azeroth.

I myself had taken a break from the game after a couple years. I had leveled two characters to 60 (this was right before Burning Crusade) but decided I wanted to start fresh with a new Blood Elf when I returned.

And guess what I found? Despite all my experience with the game. I found myself nearly clueless. None of my old leveling patterns were really effective, grinding was no good anymore and my old gold making techniques were outdated.

I was a Newbie all over again!

I ended up biting the bullet and went out in search of a good guide, because I knew my time was valuable (I work full time) and I wanted to level and make gold as fast as possible. Read on to find out what I learned and how you can save your money and get the right guide for your playing experience.

1. Team iDemise 1-70 Horde and Alliance Leveling Guide. Team iDemise, famous for their Pro Counter Strike Team, has taken upon itself to get into the World of Warcraft PVP scene. Of course this means a few things. One, all the mmorpg regulars who fancy themselves good at PVP better watch out. Two, they sure as hell aren’t going to waste a lot of time on the PVE aspect of the game. And three, they’re throwing a WHOLE LOT of gaming experience at WoW. Of course, this is all good for YOU, the typical WoW player. A couple months after getting into World of Warcraft Power Leveling, a few of their own personal super nerds developed a mod that allows you to follow a set leveling course step by step to seventy. If you want pure, lean mean efficiency, this one is for you.

Some things to keep in mind about this guide:

– this is the fastest guide available for both horde and alliance. Team iDemise currently holds the leveling record.
– this is the most technologically advanced guide available. everything is included INSIDE the game in one set of mods.
– the “big” feature is a arrow mod that basically points you in the right direction at all times and sits anywhere on your screen.

– this is the most difficult of the 4 to use and install (but it’s really not that difficult if you know a little bit about how the UI in game works)
– If you are new to the game and want to take it all in at your own pace then I cant’ recommend this guide, as you’ll find yourself just mindlessly following the arrow and not really paying attention to anything. If you are a veteran and have already done all the quests, or you don’t care about the story and just want to level. Then don’t look any further.

2. Brian Kopp’s 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide. Brian Kopp’s Guide is the most tried and tested World of Warcraft Power Leveling Guide available. It’s been around for ages and was the first guide I tried I ever used. This guide contains a map mod just like iDemise, though it isn’t as advanced or as useful and you will still have to alt tab or print out some of the instructions or research more information. Of course it is alliance only., so keep that in mind.

– map mod full of quest objectives and itinerary’s.
– super reliable. this guide has been out for years and has been bug tested to the hilt.
– still the most comprehensive guide available for Alliance, and probably the most flexible. This guide does leave some options open, unlike iDemise’s guide.

3. Joana’s 1-70 Horde Leveling Guide. Joana’s Guide is Brian Kopp’s less advanced Horde sister Guide (there is no connection between the two). Although I’m not really sure which guide came out first, I can remember both existing for a very long time. I’ve used Joana’s guide to level two horde characters, one hunter to 70 and one rogue to 55 and it worked great. The one negative I had in using this guide is that it is very Hunter biased. Joana went through the guide as a Hunter and this makes quite a bit of difference as Hunters are the biggest quest destroyers in the game. They can take on pretty much anything at any time and that is a huge advantage. However, the guide still worked for me as a rogue, so it’s not Hunter exclusive. The primary advantage of this guide is that Joana actually took the time to VIDEO every single step. This makes the guide incredibly Newbie friendly. You don’t know how to do something? Just watch the video. Simple.

– like Brian Kopp’s guide, this one is tried, tested, and guaranteed.
– the most low tech guide available, and the most Newbie friendly. There is nothing to install.
– requires you to alt tab or print out the guide.
– the only guide with VIDEO instructions.
– arguably the best guide for first time WoW players with limited technical knowledge of the game.
– if you are rolling a Horde Hunter, there is no better guide, period.

I consider these three guides the best available for all of the Power Leveling Secrets out there. Newbie or veteran, these guides will get you to the top FAST. You might even have a little fun along the way.

The Dead Island Game Review

The name itself is a definition of terror and adventure, and Dead Island games is much more than that. The video game was developed by Tech land and has become an instant rage for players all over the world. The game was developed for Microsoft windows, PlayStation, etc and cam be assessed on most gaming interfaces. Like most video games this one also tells the player a tale of its own and helps the gamer get into the virtual gaming world in first person. The games are published by deep Silver.

The game can be played in multi player mode as well as single player mode. The games have amazing graphics and state of the art sound and video quality. The gamer can instantly connect to such games as there is a lot of role-playing and active participation in the characters by the player.

The games are virtually of a fictional place called the island of Banoi and tells the story of characters like Logan, Xian, Sam B, and Purna who find themselves in a posh hotel and it is when emergency strikes does the game begin where the players have to select weapons and fight their little battles for survival. The story is well told and the adventure and twists and turns in the drama carry the interest of the gamer.

The best part about the game is the incorporation of human emotions like drama, adventure and horror as a part of the game and it helps liven up the characters. The game also goes to include new technology in its concept like the inclusion of zombie and the fight of the humans against it for survival. The Dead Island also makes generous usage of the landscape in the island with finesse, and the rain forest is an adventurous place indeed.

The game is a much played one on the online format as well and it is also available in optical disks. The technology savvy and game addict would find it hard to resist with features like activity measuring bar and role-playing. Once you get started on this adventure it is hard to stop, with the amazing outdoor environment and the realistic battle and combat scenes. The zombie experience is for you to enjoy with a hint of horror and adventure which would fuel your adrenaline rush. Dead Island has received rave reviews from gaming critics and is good entertainment option.

Asus MyPal A636 PDA Review

Asus has taken the PDA market by storm with the launch of MyPal A636. This is the first and foremost PDA with a built in GPS receiver and antenna- making it one of the hottest gadgets in the market. Priced at par with other hand held devices in the market, the MyPal is a slight let down on the overall performance front, but features like the inbuilt GPS device really make this one of the hottest devices in the market today.

The design of this hand held is a rather bold one. With an external speaker on the bottom corner, the phone looks like a device right out of the 80’s- but features like these really add to the overall retro look and feel of the device. Apart from the large external speaker, the phone had a directional knob in the center and a GPS antenna towards the top. The GPS antenna is one of the strongest signal catchers that we have come across- ever and can catch signals from up to 24 different satellites at a time- making it an accurate and a reasonably fast GPS device. The device has a decent screen, though we feel that this could have been better. Equipped with a loud and clear external speaker (something that is a mandate in the world of GPS devices), this Asus device is great when it comes to watching movies or listening to songs.

The device is supplied with the most popular Software that come as a standard with most hand held devices. From a mobile Office suite and Terminal Services to games and software to enable VPN connections, the PDA is loaded with all the tech bites that one can ask for. The device is well connected, thanks to a state-of-art Wi-Fi system and a bluetooth gateway. The best feature of the hand held, however, remains the built in GPS receiver. With exceptional performance even around trees and under high rise buildings, the GPS receiver that comes along with the MyPal is one of the best GPS devices around.

The Destinator PN Software allows for ease of usage when it comes to navigation and control. Sporting a 416 Mhz PXA 272 processor, the MyPal hand held device is a better than average performer. The advantage of having the PXA 272 processor is that the battery life increases considerably and the final output that MyPal battery delivers is almost 13 hours with media playback- something to be mighty proud of!